Do you tile under kitchen+ cabinets~toilet+ or bathroom+ vanity?

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or change the toilet you have a several options!

Make sure the new kitchen cabinets cover the existing tile and that includes the toilet or vanity. If it's new construction you can either install the cabinets first or tile at least 4" underneath the new kitchen cabinets. You might have to apply spacers against the drywall to level the new cabinets.

It's much easier to install tile underneath the toilet and have the toilet rest on the tile than when you decide to hand cut tile around the outside of the toilet base.  

The same applies to new bathroom vanity.

If already installed or old construction you can tile up to the cabinets without any need to remove cabinets.

When installing  tile flooring in a bathroom it's advised to remove the toilet and re-install after tiling which might require a over-sized new wax-ring (when not comfortable to do this you might have to involve a plumber)

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