What Wood+ is Best for Furniture+ Making? | Best Wood for Furniture+

If you need hardwood to withstand moisture, bugs and the elements of nature, Teak wood is the way to go.

The first water vessels was created from wood and Teak has been the most popular wood used for the decks and furniture cabinets on yachts.

Teak furniture is therefore also a great insurance policy when you live in areas where flooding or moisture can be a problem. Outdoor Teak furniture has been the answers to enjoy sustainable organic living.

There are many other solid woods which are used to make furniture yet none has topped Teak as far as sustainability against the elements of nature. Therefore Teak gets a 5 star rating versus other hardwoods.

Compared to particle board covered with veneers or paper foils any solid wood furniture are better.

Particle board contains chemicals which when exposed to severe heat or fire gives off harmful or even toxic chemical odors. Despite this particle board are widely used and sold for furniture manufacturing.

When particle board furniture are exposed to water the end results many times is an item ending up in a landfill. Normal use also can result in screws, nails or staples becoming loose.

Smart consumers buy sustainable solid wood furniture and therewith protect our planet. We will never sell any cabinets made from particle board regardless of the designer names add to the fake wood!