Is Teak Really That Expensive? Perhaps Not | Roots Hardwood Furniture & Tile

Because Teak heartwood is the highest quality of wood and the most desirable for furniture, it can take 40 years to get a large enough tree to produce desired grade 'A' teak wood.

Time costs money, which means that your teak wood furniture will be priced perhaps higher than a softer, less expensive wood, Yet if you look at the benefits and sustainability of our Teak Furniture Collections you will be happily surprised to find furniture at Great Prices designed and hand made by master carpenters.

Teak wood is used to build boats as well as indoor and outdoor furniture, because it withstand severe weather conditions and it's one of the best woods to build timeless furniture. You'll love our Teak Collections and you'll be surprised to see the great prices on our E-Commerce website.

Roots Hardwood Furniture and Tile will never sell furniture not made from real wood.

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