About Us

We warmly welcome you to a great and lasting experience and understand we are here because of your support. 

For your time and this visit we thank you and value you as our greatest asset!

Part of our mission is to deliver quality hardwood furniture. Furniture and art, unique and hand made by incredibly skilled artisans.

Our products are sourced and harvested from legal, sustainable forests.

Each tree offering it's life is acknowledged with our fine collections of legacy furniture!


 The founder of Roots Hardwood Furniture was born and raised in South Africa.

I have been described as a modern-day renaissance man. Having worn many hats in my life, I have a wealth of experience with diverse cultures and people.

Promoting equity and understanding is of great value which I strive to apply daily in my business venture.

At heart, I have a creative spirit as designer, artisan and entrepreneur. I value nature, our mother earth and all in whom we have our being. 

My willingness to fail and get up again and again has blessed me with skills and knowledge necessary to bring to you great customer service and amazing hand made hardwood furniture collections and art.