Benefit of Solid Wood vs Fake Wood: Roots Hardwood Furniture & Tile

 At Roots Hardwood Furniture you buy furniture cabinets and tables handcrafted from salvaged wood, solid wood and a variety of hardwoods.

What is fake wood? Any particle board product which really is a mixture of paper and soft wood-chips held together by chemical compounds. The particle board is then covered with foil and veneers which gives a wood appearance. The paper foil which represents the look-alike wood grain is applied through a heating and chemical process.

To complete the "illusion" of a quality product "brand names" and " designer names are added.

As furniture maker my first experience with particle board was when I manufactured furniture in South Africa.

During the first years of my start-up, particle board was the market preferred, raw material used to manufacture "furniture". Solid wood in South Africa was not readily available or affordable to most consumers.

The  problem with the mixture of chemical compounds and wood-chips are that it's quit toxic to the environment. Particle board when burned gives off toxic fumes that can actually fatally harm any person quickly in an enclosed environment.

When even normally exposed to warm weather it also gives off a potent odor and eye watering fumes when exposed to temperatures above 80 degrees when there is little or no ventilation. You might buy fake furniture for a low price yet when it comes to getting rid of fake wood furniture  there is little if any resale value. most times the fake furniture ends up in landfills where the toxic chemicals over time bleed into the environment.

Screws and nails over time also becomes worn out thru normal use which might include using cabinets doors daily. The chemical and wood-chip bond does not last long, contrary to when a screw or nail is attached to hardwood furniture cabinets.

Another issue with particle board products is exposure to water.  Particle board product tends to absorbs water and disintegrates to the same state of the product where the glue and chips were separate.

As furniture designer and maker with 30 years experience, I would never recommend any buyer of furniture to buy at any price particle board products.

Hardwood and solid wood furniture on the other hand can be a long term investment. The hardwood furniture you buy today become the antique pricey museum piece of the future. Hardwood furniture protects nature and is sustainable.

This is what Roots Hardwood Furniture is about. Timeless, museum-quality products build today and which will be around used and useful to future generations. We honor the tree by harvesting fully mature tree before they decay to nothingness and therewith we contribute to a green and sustainable future in the absence of product which pollute and destroy our planet for future generations. 






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