What is the Garden of Eden? Roots Cabinets & Tile

This blog does not give medical advice, instead serves to inform. Your doctor should be consulted about medications. Never self medicate with chemicals as the brain change and learn naturally to adapt to information and chemicals way faster  than are known or understood by many.

Some readers might find it strange that a e-commerce website have a blog about mind and some ego's perhaps might suggest it's not the right place or channel for discussions about Mind and it does not matter for the truth is all that matters. This site also will serve to inform and entertain with products and truths.

Now is always the best time to live life and be part of being. Mind is, was and always will be above all matter in infinite space visible and invisible.

Following this blog those who seek another path rather paying for con artists operating through legalized ego financial pyramid systems, will find answers and do-able solutions to get a fast track to experience personal healing, abundance, love joy and happiness while staying kind to this planet and all life on this planet. 

Following the truths herein you will find the real you and how to use the real you to live a life worth living. Some readers will make small adjustment while others will have to totally let go of their ego's and do a complete mind makeover. And the beauty and grace of evolutionary design allow all to get their in their very special way and special life journeys and all is good as it does not matter in what group or illusion-nary hell you find yourself, this is doable for all and by all.

The simplicity of the truths you will find in these blog posts will surprise you and you will find that "secrets" are part of the con- artist games to make you their slave paying for their services which never can bring to you long term or lasting value. If a man motivation is financial or material he can never be a dependable witness or life guide.

There are no price tag's, no cons, no hurry on this site or in these blogs. Whenever you are prompted to accept something and their is a limit or a clock ticking you are experiencing another con. On this site and from this guide there are no additional university you have to attend or pay for. The products on this site is great quality teak and other solid woods, art, and natural stone. The blog is something which you can use as part of our free and natural solutions to you who need and perhaps desire freedom from the past in the moment of now.

Lets get to the information that will change your moment of now.

The brain naturally turns off channels or create new channels when using chemicals or when a subject rely on outside material form and information. Without proper and professional observation or self-care, information and chemical use can have deadly and long term consequences.

Receiving constantly negative information or having negative thoughts directs for you like for like outcome. You can be viewing anger, hatred, attack, vengeance, guilt, anxiety, stress and feel depressed without also directing all those feelings and conditions in your personal environment and body.

The human who knows how and why to fish will be free from all ego slavery systems! Mind is the key and the vehicle through who all life forms direct either positive or negative outcome. Mind is free to create and direct and in it's freedom and simplicity it allows infinite choice, infinite adaptability and infinite possibility good or bad.

For you their will always be a dominant belief in your mind according to the most often received information which becomes the dominant information stored in mind from where mind directs this information as outcome. It does not matter if your information is based on faulty perception, illusions, hallucinations, formed thru drug addictions, dysfunctional dependency, abuse and on and on. The mind 24/7 supply as your thoughts demand. This is evolution at work.

As guide when the word "I" is used by this guide, it's with full understanding that "I" is from the ego and "I" means identification to separation from the whole. This guide does not claim to be separate, nor claims to have unique or new information yet serves as a guide of evolutionary intelligence of which all are a part knowingly or unknowingly.

None of the information herein will contribute to creation a bigger illusion of ego. And for many their personal ego's will probably try to attack the truths herein and that does not matter to this guide. An attack from illusion is an attack from nothingness which ego is. To the all readers hereof regardless of past journeys and indoctrination, the information herein if used on a daily basis which will set you free from ego's destructive guidance and insanity.Your ego is and always will be an illusion which has a beginning and and end. 

You as individual X  as part of Infinite Mind have the ability to use thoughts and mind to either live a life of hell or a life of glory during this glorious visible journey of all outcomes good or bad.  Until now your personal guides and your ability to distinguish between the real and self and your human made ego had a major impact on all your experiences. Understanding the part society, ego dysfunctional systems, ancestors, exclusionary religions, governments and pyramid control systems play in your life will set you free.

This blog of truth does not use fancy gimmicks and time limits, or is limited to a select few. No hallucinogenics or hypnotic manipulation will be used to trick you into anything which benefit a select few.

The readers, you who is part of all will be able to use the information herein to live a life beyond the shackles of the past and you will be able to escape the insanity of your ego and no longer pay for the lavish lives of book trained ego's who claim undue authority and destructive options based on stupid materialism. 

Some of the goals of this blog is to guide readers to achieve freedom from past indoctrination, freedom from personal ego and ego systems, freedom from anger, depression, fear, anxiety, post traumatic stress, stress, hatred, attack, faith in materialism and beliefs in limitation, impossibility, lack and disease. 

Quite a mouthful and you know what dear reader, the motivation of this guide is not financial, personal gain or ego recognition as that too shall and does pass, instead it's to also learn with you what is taught thru this guide. The only claim this guide make is to serve as guide for an intelligence which has created infinite space not subjected to unintelligent human ego, short term human opinions, the illusion of human time, ego perceptions, illusions and material limitations.

The best things in visible life are Free and by sharing this blog you will be sharing the most dynamic forces of infinite mind and infinite creation. You will be sharing in and off love, joy, healing, happiness, ability, abundance, adaptability and possibility.

This is who you really are as part of evolutionary intelligence and mind who are infinitely immersing all of infinite space visible and invisible.  Evolution is infinite possibility, adaptability and limitless possibility.

Limits, impossibility, disease, anger, hatred , guilt, punishment, fear, depression, stress, anxiety, disease, lack, judgment, attack, war, abuse and all the other destructive self punishing methods exclusive to the animal planet called humans are from the human made ego who claims to be "I" separate from other human and separate from other life and nature off this mother planet called earth.

Your ego can choose to belief that seeing is believing or you can remember that mind is before matter and what is from mind appear after thought in matter and matter is absolutely subject to and depended on Mind.

Not only is freedom part of the natural abilities of evolutionary mind but freedom is also an ability to let go of past abuse, emotional scars and  guilt. To be free from the past you let go of yesterday and the abuser instead of staying a victim twenty years later of a past abusers by retelling your story again and again.

Then you become a victim and do daily self punishment through your attachment to past wounds suffered at the bequest of ancestors, others and your personal ego. Your illusion and identification as self as "ego"  serves as your life-long self appointed judge and jury  which punish you over and over for the past. And therewith your future very predictably is the same as the past while you never life in the moment from now as the real you who you are and always will be. 

By allowing ego to be in control the arrogant insane destructive illusion naturally through your mind direct for you a future similar to the past while you loose the power and ability to change the future through using the moment of now.

So where and what is the garden of Eden? The garden of Eden was the moment when mind was still perfectly guided and informed from evolutionary blueprint. That perfect natural abilities to change and adapt infinitely got cosmetically influenced during the moments when human animals developed greater awareness of self and became confused thinking they were separate and unique compared to other life forms on this planet.

Then enter religion and the story was told that humans were special. This is total hogwash and you as intelligence need to get over it. Many of the first beliefs of human development was and is based on human eyesight, senses and observation. Most of what humans belief are based on a ego system where the one percent rule and dominate the rest. This is all wrong and exclusive to very limited intelligence of which the human species still are. 

Truth is you are 98.5 percent big ape like animal with all the animal instincts as soon as you are alone in your room. So is this guide and we have absolutely everything in common with all life and nature off this planet and we all came from a miraculous ability of mind to use materials to create life.

What's unique to humans is this illusion of nothingness so revered and sought after called ego. Ego is the fake god in every persons life. The useless killer of self as soon as challenge enter through many self selected and self inflicted challenges. Ego likes to blame and especially like to say God punishes. Total baloney!

Ego as personal guide and as most dominant world systems has caused and is still causing major genocide globally to nature, other animals and humans. Personal ego and ego systems are a train wreck and obstacle the human animal will have to overcome before a real state of permanent intelligence can be developed.

From the very first moment of awareness until now in the 21st century human ego became the insane guide of personal and collective mind which naturally advises in a way which serve personal ego and materialism with a total faith in materialism instead of invisible mind and since the first moments of awakening to awareness thousand of years ago, things started going wrong and has been going wrong in human modern animal societies and in personal journeys guided by ego.

The part of you which directs outcome while your conscious mind is awake end while the conscious mind is unconscious or sleep is your personal garden of Eden. It's the personal director and creator who uses through an infinitely brilliant evolutionary process all your personal information as received through cell memory, indoctrination and information from your immediate society and from this information directs for you personally a movie playing on the inner screen of your mind.

This movie becomes your outer personal life experiences which transform and direct for you into visible, physical and emotional form the most often and most dominant information captured and dominantly anchored in your mind. This form is the total amount of thoughts, ideas, perceptions and illusion you receive and allow knowingly or unknowingly into your creative mind. Repetition of thought, illusion, perception, fantasy and indoctrination plays a big part in what your inner scripts of faith becomes

Every thought has a corresponding outcome. Every thought you have and mostly the thoughts that you repeat the most often will be your outcome. From thoughts allowed into your mind all your outcome gets directed. Thoughts are all the information you receive from all the senses and all of your society and your personal exposure to empowering or dis-empowering information. Whatever gets into your personal garden of Eden will be experienced as outcome. 

When things show up there is an underlying inner script. Not karma or some other la-di-da ego nonsense or judgement. There are many many fake human teachers and con artists out there simply due to their addiction to for financial and personal gain and ego glory.  This blog will open your ears and remove the blindness to your eyes cause by the thick smock and pollution of personal ego.

Your real self is called by human understanding the unconscious, sub conscious or deeper mind yet this mind or the real you as part of a mind which permeates all off and into infinite space and creation is a mind which never is unconscious, never sleep, never forget and perfectly directs outcome according to your dominant inner scripts regardless if your inner scripts is in your best or worst interest.

This is evolution working perfectly as any perceived need or desire is answered perfectly and will be created according to either a set of ego illusions or a set of carefully chosen creative and empowering scripts. 

The ego like to look for a scapegoat. Oh my that's God punishing you! Why does God allow this or that. Why did God give me this or that disease.

The answer my friend. If you like to call the part of you who is part of infinite mind God, that's okay but understand your mind does not have the intention or the ability to punish you or plant into itself all the garbage and the fears which becomes the seeds which grows in your garden of Eden and gets directed from your mind.

No those seeds of anger, hatred, vengeance, deceit, selfishness, fears, depression, feelings of lack is the seeds which your ego are exposing you to.  The harmful suggestions you see on your mobile device or the news and advertising by chemical companies that use emotionalized advertising to impregnate your garden of Eden with disease ideas and suggestion on your flat screen or plasma tv.

You either allow your personal ego and the ego systems as your life coach and guide or understand and have faith in evolutionary infinite brilliant Mind. Ego is an illusion and ego systems has and never will be sustainable in contrast to evolutionary mind which does not need human invention, intention, opinion, scientific formula or human time to be forever, infinite and sustainable.

You are able to achieve all your desires by using your infinitely brilliant insignificantly small part of infinite mind.  Hitler's ego  used his mind and look at the results. So does every person daily use their mind and their outcome is exactly a mirror image of what their invisible inner beliefs are. 

First Blog dated August 14, 2020  "Copyright Philip Oosthuizen"