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My Roots are South African. After a stunt as journalist and owner operator of a landscaping and paving company I started a furniture company in 1990. From humble beginnings I grew my manufacturing into a retail direct business model with 6 retail outlets employing 60 full time employees and cabinet makers.

The first materials I used to manufacture furniture, was particle board covered with fake-wood paper foils. Hard wood and solid wood was too expensive to use as base material for my low income customers.

No matter best design and practices, particle board furniture although easy to work with and cheap, was a short term solution and furniture functional life is short. My mother helped me in the furniture factory and often said, “My seun regte hout is goud” (My son real wood is gold).

Our mission at Roots Hardwood Furniture and Tile, is to bring you the timeless value of solid wood furniture including teak,mahogany and reclaimed wood furniture. We travel to Southeast Asia and deal directly with the artisans who make the quality furniture.  

The Roots Furniture Collections are harvested from certified fair-trade wood and sourced in a sustainable way. We have gratitude for the tree's and the hands that create our furniture!

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