Mask art decoration handcrafted from Seringa wood

Mask art decoration handcrafted from Seringa wood

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Dimensions H 15 " x  W 7 "

Hand carved art made from teak, mahogany, ironwood, mukwa and seringa wood. Art galleries and workshop many times just a tree offering some shade close to roads traveled by visitors or a dingy shack consisting of a rusty tin roof  upheld by bamboo posts.

Artists using crude hand tools to create beautiful pieces of art. Making a living and dreaming their dreams. When travelling down dusty roads and finding these folks the one things that stands out is that we are all the same regardless of skin tone or culture.

Although weeks and sometimes months can go by by without a single sale these artists hang on to their dreams and hopes and we are blessed to support their dreams by buying their art.

It's our humble  contribution to special people whom create from within for us to enjoy creation of most intimate thoughts of beauty into lasting reality which will still be here long after we have come and gone.